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Keep Your House Tidy

Today's real estate market is extremely competitive, which means it's the newest, nicest, and best looked after houses that get the pick of the buyers while the fixer uppers and the ones with the outdated kitchens molder on the listings for months. With housing space so limited, there are only so many new houses that can fit in any given neighborhood, so more and more people are becoming interested in preserving what's there already. Here at Keeping Your House Tidy, we're dedicated to helping you make your house the best it can be. If you're looking for advice on redesign, repairs, renovations, landscaping, staging, and more, you've come to the right place.

The first step in improving the saleability of any home is to make sure it's kept in good repair. There are numerous small tasks that you should be looking after as soon as they come up, such as repairing any holes in the wall, repainting when things start to look dull, and replacing any woodwork that gets scratched or chipped. If you leave these things too long, they can start to pile up and cause other problems, such as rodent infestations or drywall rot. If you've just moved into a new place, we can give you a checklist of how to look after it properly.

Homes are almost always state of the art when they're first built, but just like clothing, building trends go in and out of style and in a few years the home will begin to look dated. Getting your homes in Maple Ontario up to the ideal standard of the day is a must if you're selling or you want to impress the neighbors. We can give you tips on the best renovations to do that will make the most out of your budget and give you the most return for your investment from buyers. These renovations include kitchens and bathrooms, but don't do a major overhaul without consulting our renovation dos and don'ts lists.

Even if your home is relatively new and in good repair, you still may want to do renovations to make your house more green. Green homes have a lower carbon footprint, save the owner money on heating and electricity, have an atmosphere more conducive to preserving your health and the environment, and are just generally trendy. If you're thinking about installing a means of using renewable energy, building an addition using reclaimed or sustainable produced materials, or reducing your water usage with a tankless water heater option, there are plenty of great ideas for cheap and easy renovations that you can be proud of.

You might be hesitant to try any repairs, renovations, or alterations to your house because you're not a very handy person. However, you don't have to be handy to have a great house. We can help you find the right contractor to hire who will do the work for you, or we can help you learn the basics of home repair so that you can join the ranks of the millions of DIYers who manage to do competent work on their own home without being a building professional.

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