Building Supplies - What You Do and Do Not Need, Wire to Wrenches, To Build A Deck For Your Home

This site is all about improving your backyard and making a little bit of extra living space. Generally, we will focus on decks in our articles, but there are many different improvements and additions one can make in their backyard. You will probably find that the information we provide works across several different types of projects, and that can certainly be said for this section. Here, we are going to be talking building supplies; everything you need to turn that blue print into reality.

You might think that a section on building supplies might be a little bit limited, but creating a nice backyard living space goes well beyond just the wood. There are going to be a few different areas to explore when it comes to building supplies. Here is a brief overview about what you can expect.

Material review

Because your deck or other backyard project will most likely use a lot of different materials, we will provide articles on specific materials from time to time. These will be review or advice-type articles. You can expect to find suggestions when it comes to the best type of materials to use for your deck depending on where you live; it's a big country, and varying climates mean some types of wood will last a lot longer than others depending on if your deck is in Victoria or Oshawa real estate. And different types of wood will work best with different nails, screws, joists, and so on.

Practical concerns

While it may seem as though building a deck or another type of addition in your backyard is your business alone, often homeowners are shocked (and not in a good way) to find that government has some say in the matter. There are a number of different regulatory considerations that you might need to know about, depending if your build is on a Mississauga townhome or out in the country with a nursery supply a mile down the road your nearest neighbour. We will take a look at as many of these issues as we can find in this section. Now, sometimes regulations don't make a lot of sense, and we will do our best to explain why laws regarding deck construction are in place.


No building supply site would be complete without a few checklists to help get you started on your project! We will include everything you might need when you start out on your deck project, so that you don't find out half way that you need to run into the hardware store. And it will eliminate buying supplies that you don't need, like a new wire cutter for hooking up outdoor lights.

Aesthetics and Economics

Any time you build yourself a deck, you want to be sure that it is an improvement, as far as how your backyard looks. It's pretty likely that you have seen more than one travesty of a deck in your lifetime, sprawling pieces that just don't fit with the backyard they were built in. We'll help with some tips on what looks nice.

And of course, looking nice can sometimes mean that your deck costs a few hundred dollars more, but this does not always have to be the case. In this type of article, we will also take a look at economical deck building.

Or, if you're living in a Mississauga condo maybe you're looking for supplies to give the illusion that your balcony is a full deck.

Finally, you can expect a few articles in this section on properly maintaining your deck. You want your project to last for as long as possible and taking good care of it is the first step in a long life for your deck.

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